President Obama is Going for Nuclear Energy, Is It Really Wise?

President Obama is Going for Nuclear Energy, Is It Really Wise?

America is going for nuclear power energy as President Obama announces the necessity for its kind. There will be above $8 billion provided in terms of federal loan guarantees for three decades for the construction of the first Nuclear power plant.

In the speech at IBEW Local Headquarters in Lanham, Maryland, he announced the importance of meeting energy challenges in the future. There is a plan to construct nuclear reactors at Southern Company plant in Burke, Georgia. It is an initiative that will create employment in the coming years.

These green spurring projects are stimulating the economy and creating employment throughout the economy.

Yet, the president acknowledges that there exist severe shortcomings of nuclear power. It is thus imperative to assure health and safety at work. President Obama is addressing the use of safety by assuring that nuclear experts examine the challenges and establishes the strongest safety measures for the nuclear power plants.

America is certainly not willing to lag behind. President Obama pointed-out that countries such as Japan and France have been investing in nuclear energy since long. Moreover, at the moment there are 56 nuclear reactors being constructed worldwide; 5 in India, 6 in South Korea and 21 in China. Irrespective of the type of technology, wind, solar or nuclear energy it is important to invest in them all. The absence of proper investment will in the future make the economy reliable on importing instead of exporting these sources and thereby creating employment outside the United State of America.

There will be intense debate amidst entrepreneurs and environmentalists on the issue of construction nuclear power stations. Yet, establishing a single nuclear power plant in Georgia can reduce CO2 emission by as much as 16 million tones a year in contrast to conventional coal plants. It would also be the same as removing 3.5 million automobiles form the road according the President Obama.

President Obama emphasized that nuclear power plants will be able to supply a majority of energy demands in 30 years ahead. It is thus a convenient solution to both tackle climate change as well as addressing the intensifying demand for energy.

It is well known that fossil fuel is comparatively more cost effective. It is thus fundamental to create proper climate legislation to put a cost to carbon pollution. This will likely draw high support from various sides.

The focus on clean energy with effective low carbon technology is a basic step towards a greener economy. However, inspection will remain a necessary focus to assure that energy supply is within norms and regulation. It will also assure Health and safety at the workplace.

Additional Facts about Nuclear Energy

Nuclear is not a renewable source of energy, more information can be explored: Renewable Energy Why Speak About Nuclear Energy?

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